Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada are two cities that are situated in a desert.  This landscape was once thought to be too dry and hostile for any inhabitants to take up residence here, beyond lizards, birds and a few species of plants.  However, one thing about the Las Vegas area is that it has always represented a unique philosophy, that if people need it or want it, providing it will give you the ability to change any landscape into whatever you want it to be.  This is exactly what happened in southern Nevada, where people moving from the east coast to the west coast of the United States needed a place to stop over and rest during their travel through the desert, and Las Vegas was born out of necessity.  It started as the basics that a person traveling would need, a place to sleep and eat before moving on, but it grew into a place that would be able to provide more things that people were looking for.  This essentially started with gambling, and the difficulty of any government to regulate that activity.  People started coming to the area specifically for that reason, and Las Vegas itself began to grow and thrive.  Over time, it began to represent the idea of being able to find the things that were denied to you back home, excitement, money, glamour and everything that goes with it.  A person could feel like a star in Las Vegas, even if you were not a star in your home town.  The experiment worked, and over time Las Vegas grew into a real city offering people the opportunities of any city, and also the additional opportunities of the gaming and hotel industries that had grown beyond small establishments and into mega businesses that attract millions and employ thousands.  This is how Las Vegas is unique, that there are ways to make a living in Las Vegas that are different than elsewhere, and some occupations that would be only minimally sought after in some areas are ripe with possibilities here.  Such is the case with lifeguarding.

Las Vegas could be called the “lifeguard capital of the world” as there are literally thousands of pools in the area.  If these pools are frequented by more than private citizens and owners, then legal requirements are in place that a lifeguard is going to have to be on staff for specific periods.  Even if a pool does not have a necessary legal requirement to employ a lifeguard, most that host more than a few patrons are going to employ a lifeguard anyway, just to ensure the safety of the patrons.  In Las Vegas and Henderson, there are far more opportunities to make a living as a lifeguard than elsewhere.  There are going to be a few requirements for you to get a job as a lifeguard at any of the pools in the area, however, mainly being a certification and training program from an accredited school.  iGuard is one of the most respected lifeguard training and certification programs in the area, each year training hundreds of people who will go on to work at the pools throughout the valley.  Your job as a lifeguard starts with getting the training you need and the certifications that prove it to employers, and iGuard is the place to do it.

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