Thank you for your interest in iGUARD LIFEGUARD TRAINING.  We have been proudly offering lifeguard training and certification courses to the local areas of Las Vegas and Henderson since 2014.

Our classes cover a range of safety and lifesaving aspects that will satisfy specific needs for employment, based upon the requirements of the position.  Classes range from a full lifeguarding certification program that lasts three days and has a cost of $180, to a one day first aid class that costs $50.  We additionally offer CPR /AED one day classes for $80.  Different employers and employment opportunities are going to have different specific requirements, and we strive to provide a class that will satisfy those needs.

If you are planning on working at any of the many pools and water parks in the Las Vegas and Henderson area, you are going to need training and certification in order to work.  In addition to lifeguarding work, there are also many other types of employment that require their people to maintain active certifications in basic CPR and lifesaving techniques.  Everything from working in supermarkets to providing services to children is going to require a basic knowledge in these areas, and iGUARD is the easiest way to not only get the training that you need, but also get a working knowledge that can be used in emergency situations at any time.

So why not take a course even if it isn’t required for work? Lets face it, being prepared is the best defense you can have against bad situations.  Not knowing what to do in a crisis gives you almost no ability to actually make a difference.  If that crisis situation involved your friends or family, you are going to feel far more confident knowing that you have the knowledge and understanding of the best techniques for specific crisis situations.  Lets say you are just having a leisurely day in your backyard, enjoying the sunshine and the pool.  You notice that your 5 year old niece has not been seen in a few minutes, then you hear the screams of your family members that she has fallen into the pool and isn’t breathing.  You now have 30 seconds to get her out of the pool and begin the process of getting the water out of her lungs and getting her heart going again.  You have seen CPR on television, but when there is complete chaos around you, family members screaming and crying, and a lifeless child laying on the ground in front of you, are you going to perform the procedure correctly? Probably not.

This is not an attempt to paint a bad picture in order to scare you.  This is simply illustrating that when bad things happen, they do so without warning.  Wishing you had taken that class that taught you how to rescue someone from a pool and keep their heart pumping blood until the paramedics show up is not going to help you.  Only knowing the procedures, understanding what to do, and being able to be calm because you have been trained correctly is going to help you in that situation.  We provide that confidence, for a great price and only a few hours out of your busy schedule.  Now isn’t that worth it?


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