Lifeguard Certification For Employment In Las Vegas And Henderson

Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada are two cities that are situated in a desert.  This landscape was once thought to be too dry and hostile for any inhabitants to take up residence here, beyond lizards, birds and a few species of plants.  However, one thing about the Las Vegas area is that it has always […]

Lifeguard Training Is Important To Las Vegas

In a city like Las Vegas, employment opportunities take on a very different look than in other cities in the United States.  Over the years the landscape of the city has changed from being almost entirely tourism and gambling based to having all of the same opportunities that would be offered in any other city, […]

Providing Lifeguard Training For Las Vegas And Henderson

If you are one of the thousands of people in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas who would like to work at a public or semi-private pool this summer as a lifeguard, you are going to need some certification and some training.  There are hundreds of pools in each city that need lifeguards, both for […]

Lifeguard Training And Certification

Thank you for your interest in iGUARD LIFEGUARD TRAINING.  We have been proudly offering lifeguard training and certification courses to the local areas of Las Vegas and Henderson since 2014. Our classes cover a range of safety and lifesaving aspects that will satisfy specific needs for employment, based upon the requirements of the position.  Classes range […]

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